From the Government which brought you the world beating track and trace system...

...and the ferry company with no ferries

12 weeks (March 2020)

The Conservative Government has not covered itself in glory over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the public enquiry finally gets to sit down and discover what happened , we'll get to know just how mis-managed the whole thing was by Boris & his chum Dominic "Eye Test" Cummings.

Boris & his rag-tag army of 2nd-rate miscreants are boasting about the success of the vaccination programme - and to be sure it is an unqualified success. This is mainly because The Government has nothing to do with it. It is organised and administered by the local health authorities & the NHS.

Interesting News (16/06/21): Cummings texts show Boris Johnson calling Matt Hancock totally fucking hopeless’ We always knew it.

Cartoon vy Steve Bell about Tory Sleaze

This cartoon by Steve Bell was originally published in The Guardian Newspaper